Melanie Meyer as artist and photographer

melanie meyer


My connection with the earth and the universe is the source of my creative energy.  These powerful forces inspire my art.

To meet my passion for plants and the growing world, I first studied horticulture and landscape design. Soon this awakened a sense of bigger purpose to the positive impact architecture and urban design could make to the lives of the people of South Africa. It was while running a successful architectural practice for more than a decade that I discovered my love for painting and photography.

The success of this has lead to my current career as artist and photographer – endlessly inspired and taught by nature.

I believe the greatest masterpiece of all is a life well lived.  It has taken me a lifetime to discover how I wish to live and what is necessary for my inner being to thrive; to be true to my soul. This is my art.


 "Looking at Melanie Meyer’s paintings is almost like looking through the canvas. Or perhaps it’s more accurate to say that the canvas functions like a magical window which shows us two worlds: the outside world of nature, undisturbed by humankind, and the inside world of the human psyche, which is so often disturbed. And by drawing these two together Melanie’s work heals – the ripples of human disturbance subside, and a starkly natural peace emerges." 

 Ian Jennings - Lörrach, Germany

 elephant mother with calf and crocodile in water being rescued and loved oil painting by melanie meyer

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March 2016 Newsletter Extract:

Artists of the South Art Group are hosting their annual Easter Exhibition from today 24th March until this Monday 28th March.

WHERE & WHEN: Simonstown Library Hall Between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m Daily. 24th - 28th March.

There will be wine and snacks at noon on Saturday where all the artists will be around to meet you.

The Artists of the South group have invited a few new artists to join them at this exhibition, myself included....



To see more of the works sold go to PRINTS and for new available work please go to GALLERY.

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